Tech Your Fitness

Students enrolled in the Boston Design Academy Tech Your Fitness (TYF) Program will learn about the applications of technology for fitness management. The goal is for students to research and design wearable technology devices that could aid in addressing health disparities in their community. This will be an informative and fun program lead by instructor Shayna Holloway.

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  • What you’ll learn

    Knowledge of Health and Fitness

    •        Understanding Natural Body Movements and Physical Fitness
    •         Awareness of Community Health and Fitness Initiatives
    •      Assessing the Impact of Wearable Fitness Technologies

    Technology and Product Design

    •         Comprehension of Design Thinking and Problem Solving
    •        Exploration of Designing Novel Fitness Wearable Devices
    •         Experience Utilizing Various New Technologies in Fitness Device Design 



    Students must be residents of the city of Boston and/or attend a Boston public school. Students should show an interest in STEAM career consideration, particularly engineering and industrial design. As part of our commitment to project-based learning TSN will provide each student with the following:

    •         PC Laptop (includes mouse and stylus)
    •         Backpack for Laptop and Supplies/Materials
    •         Digital Inventors Journal
    •         Electronic Supplies
    •         Arts and Crafts Materials

    Students are required to return computers, backpack, and electronic supplies at the end of the program*.

    *Enrollment in the TYF Program - Students are expected to participate and be present for all days of the program.  Missing 3 or more days will result in removal from the program. Equipment and materials are due to be returned within a week.



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Tech Your Fitness

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